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Corporation Tax

64-8 [pdf] - Authorising your agent

CT41G [pdf] - Corporation tax new company details


SA1 [pdf] - Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return

CWF1 [pdf] - Becoming self employed and registering for National Insurance contributions
and/or tax

SA400 [pdf] - Registering a partnership for Self Assessment

SA401 [pdf] - Registering a partner for Self Assessment and Class 2 NICs


P46 [pdf] - PAYE – notice of new employee

P45 [pdf] - Details of Employee Leaving Work

P11D [pdf] - Expenses and benefits

P11D(b) [pdf] - Return of Class 1A NICs due. Return of expenses and benefits -
employers declaration


VAT1 [pdf] - Application for registration

VAT2 [pdf] - Partnership details

VAT7 [pdf] - Application to cancel your VAT Registration