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What to Put on Your Company Letterhead, Websites and Emails

You should put the following on your letterhead and invoices...

Directors names?

There's no need to list all of the directors. However, if you do the rule is you must list them all. i.e. it's all or nothing

Outside the premises:

The Companies Act requires you to display the company's name in a prominent position, even if your business operates from home! Failure to do so could in theory lead to a fine. However, putting the name on your house could lead to a Council Tax Bill. It's worth noting Companies House don't go around checking

Cheques and orders:

You must show the company's full name including the word "limited". This is also important to avoid any confusion and you becoming personally liable for anything you thought was in the company name

On your website:

Every company must display on its website...

All businesses whether companies or not must display the following on their website...

The details do not have to appear on every page of the website and will probably be included on a "About Us" or "Legal Info" pages

The Distance Selling Regulations complete the set of the current regulations and have been in force since 2000. There are long lists of items to be shown including unambiguous prices (stating whether prices are inclusive or exclusive of tax), an accurate description of goods or services and the returns policy. If you are trading over the internet you should consult the Regulations

Emails and Order Forms:

All emails and order forms from a company must contain...

Businesses will probably include this information in the footers or email signatures to each of their outgoing emails

How can we help you?

We can advise you or review your business correspondence templates for compliance

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